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How can I find my size?

To help customers find the best fit, Psycho Bunny has an online tool called Easysize. This tool allows customers to input their measurements and receive recommendations on the ideal size for their body type. When using the Easysize tool, customers wi

Taking care of your Pima cotton

We work with exclusive partners in Peru to make sure that our Pima cotton is the softest, most durable cotton on the market. Take proper care of it and you’ll enjoy pieces made from Pima cotton for years. Shop our POLOS TEES SOCKS. Keep it cool. Ther

Taking care of cotton / polyester / spandex blends

The benefit of using cotton-polyester blends is that, on top of being lightweight and breathable, they offer the best of both worlds: cotton keeps color and sharpness longer, while polyester stands up better to heat. But we mostly use cotton-polyeste

Taking care of your 100% polyester

Polyester might be the easiest fabric to care for because it’s quite resistant to shrinkage at low heat relative to cotton.Shop our SWIMWEAR

Where to find us?

The brand has both domestic and international locations, with stores located in many countries around the world. To find the nearest Psycho Bunny store, customers can use the store locator tool available on the brand's website at Psycho Bunny Store L

Do you offer gift cards?

Gift cards make great gifts! They are available for purchase in store and sold via our website at Gift cards must be redeemed in the same country of purchase.

How long are gift cards valid for?

There is no expiration date for your gift card.

Can I exchange a gift card for cash?

At this time, you can not redeem your gift card for cash. No changes can be made to your gift card.