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Taking care of cotton / polyester / spandex blendsUpdated 4 months ago

The benefit of using cotton-polyester blends is that, on top of being lightweight and breathable, they offer the best of both worlds: cotton keeps color and sharpness longer, while polyester stands up better to heat. But we mostly use cotton-polyester blend fabrics for our Sport line and, more often than not, there’s a little spandex added for increased flexibility and stretch. Unlike polyester, spandex does not stand up to heat. That means you can’t treat these blends the same way you’d treat 100% polyester.


  1. A little flip.

    Whether it’s a tee or a polo, take a second to flip it inside out before you wash it. Not only will this wash the garment better, it helps avoid tugging on any loose threads and will keep detailing looking extra crisp.

  2. Keep it cool.

    There’s no need for time-consuming hand washing—our Pima cotton can be machine washed in cold water.

  3. Don’t be too intense

    Keep Pima cotton out of the dryer. Exposure to the intense heat will lead to considerable shrinkage, while also dulling colors and weakening the fabric.
    Instead, for any Pima cotton polos, button-up shirts or tees, try to lay them flat to dry, when possible. If you hang them, use a sturdy hanger, sized for your shoulders.

  4. A little tip

    If you feel like your cotton fleece is stiff after drying, you can toss it in the dryer for five minutes on low heat. It’s enough to soften the fabric without doing any damage to the fiber.

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