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Taking care of your 100% polyesterUpdated 4 months ago

Polyester might be the easiest fabric to care for because it’s quite resistant to shrinkage at low heat relative to cotton.


  1. A little flip.

    Take a second to flip your swim trunk inside out before you wash it. Not only will this wash the garment better, it helps avoid tugging on any loose threads and will keep detailing looking extra crisp.

  2. A safe dryer.

    You can also use a low tumble dry without needing to worry, as polyester won’t shrink, warp or even wrinkle. High or medium heat tumble drying is to be avoided as this can dull the colors or, worse, cause the fibers to break down.

  3. Keep an eye on color.

    Lay flat or hang to dry. The intense heat of a dryer will cause cotton to shrink, dull the colors, weaken the fabric and, over time, cause printed or embroidered detailing to crack or warp.
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