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When will I receive my online order?Updated 5 months ago

Orders can take 1-2 business days to process before shipping. Once you've placed your order, be sure to check your inbox. We’ll send you updates along the way. The following shipping options are available:

Shipping methods
Cost (USD)
Delivery time
Approx. 3-5 business days* 
Approx. 2 business days* 
International (outside U.S.)
Calculated at checkout **
Varies depending on location

A few more things to consider:

  • Free continental U.S. Ground shipping for orders that total $100 or more (excluding Alaska & Guam, including Puerto Rico, before taxes & after discounts)
  • We ship to APO addresses and P.O. boxes
  • All international orders will ship via DHL
  • Please expect potential increased delays during heavy sale periods and holidays
  • If your order is time-sensitive please contact us via email [email protected] or chat with us 24/7
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